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Our advanced technology drink vending machines consume approximately one third the electricity compared to equivalent-sized competitors machines.
Our largest vending machine draws approximately 3kwh per day which equates to about $150 per year. Competitors machines of similar capacity draw approximately 10kwh (and up to 20kwh in the case of glass fronted drink machines) which equates to between $500 and $1000 per year.

The use of our industry-first rotary compressor combined with a unique cooling zone technology, makes our vending machines more eco-friendly and certainly more pocket-friendly than the rest.
In addition to saving up to 70% on energy consumption our vending machines are made of 90% recyclable materials which significantly assists our company’s (and your company’s) sustainability (ie low carbon footprint) agenda.
Say goodbye to your energy-guzzling vending machine and save money whilst helping the planet by changing to Sydney’s No. 1 Drink and Snack Vending service.

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